2716 Telephone Road
Houston, Texas 77023 The Lighting Zone Houston - SmallHD DP7-Pro OLED Monitor Rental


The DP7-Pro OLED is a brand new on-board monitor from SmallHD. This monitor has all the bells and whistles you could want: scopes, waves, LUTs, and signal conversion! Also, because the DP7 Pro is the OLED version, the blacks are blacker and you get a higher color reproduction, higher color reproduction, and lower power consumption. This monitor features touch screen navigation with 8 smart keys.

$100.00 a Day

Includes: AC Power Adapter and Sun Hood

Add ons

Anton Bauer Battery [Set] $75
(2-HC Dionic Batteries with realtime display and Charger)

Anton Bauer Battery [Single] $30
(1-HC Dionic Batteries with realtime display)
Anton Bauer Quad Power Charger $30
(Inter Active 2000)
Anton Bauer to PowerTap Multi Adapter $3
PTAP to Canon LP-E6 Power Adapter $5
PTAP to SmallHD Power Adapter $3